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Last updated:112/12/27

Her Stories on the Postage Stamps

Her Stories on the Postage Stamps
Dates:2022/04/01 ~ 2022/07/03
Event Location:6F Special Exhibition Gallery

Women have played a great role in the history of familial, social, and cultural development. This exhibition was jointly planned by the Postal Museum and the National Museum of History. In addition to displaying both domestic and foreign stamps from the Postal Museum’s collection, the National Museum of History has provided collections of fine fabrics, prints, and other artifacts to present diverse images of women and their accomplishments across time and space. Special attention is given to the century-old development of women’s rights in Taiwan and the hardships women have endured in the fight for equality. With this exhibition, both museums hope to break gender stereotypes and advocate friendship, equality, and mutual respect between genders in the pursuit of harmony.